Nesting Log with Slanted Roof

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 One Log Nesting House / Log Birdhouse

(Comes Natural, unfinished, untreated)




Select the option you want to see in your nesting log!






 Our Log Nesting Houses are great for a wide variety of animals. 



Our nesting box comes with a cedar shake/ or plywood roof and metal roof cap to keep your animals dry! Roof panel is attached by screws and can be removed for easy access to the interior.



Our hollow logs nesting boxes are great for animal shelters or other natural animal furniture.  Many animals will use a hollow log to find shelter in, play on, or hide behind.  You can create a more natural environment to more closely resemble the creature's native home.  Animals taken from the wild and brought into captivity will especially benefit from our Natural Hollow Logs. Whatever the need, these logs will enrich your animal.  








Natural Hollow Logs should be your natural choice. 



Pictured is a 16" x 36" Basswood log Nesting box/Sloped roof 

(Treehouses pictured above are for example only and were built by Daniels Wood Land Inc. )

* Actual Logs may vary from picture
* Full round HL products contain a small amount of non toxic (Gorilla TM) glue. 

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